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Mark Maxwell



Installations, Videoworks, Paintings.

Mark Maxwell initially worked as assistant to artist musician Brian Eno on a series of projects relating to set and lighting designs for live musical performances entitled 'Opal Evenings'. The designs would incorporate sculptural suspended forms with light projections. A series of projects followed with Maxwell creating concepts for pop videos, contemporary dance, exhibitions and live events such as Amnesty International.

More recently the artist has concentrated on site specific installations, including churches and a kinetic light installation on the river Thames is planned for 2010.

A common theme in Mark Maxwell’s work is the transformation of materials and also their relocation in order to show qualities within the material which are not normally visible.
Recent video installations involve the transformation of metals using the technique of electrolysis. A process first explored by the artist in 1995.
Reactions often unseen under normal practices are made visible to the eye with the accurate positioning of video cameras.
One video installation entitled ‘Element’ revealed a collision between the microcosm and the macrocosm where scale and physical constraints no longer applied.

Church installations involve taking common found materials specific to the site (in a recent project - candle wax) and the manipulation of huge quantities of this material into a new responsive sculpture – ‘Atonement’. Also the unlikely combination of wax slabs and warm light tubes coupled together, should display a state of meltdown; however a state of equilibrium was reached with neither component conceding in a light sculpture entitled ‘Meter’.

Another installation involved one white wall of the gallery being transformed into a giant white on white Braille pad with the viewer being challenged to decipher the phrase using a Braille chart.

His paintings are influenced directly from his video experiments; oil paints and metal leaf are randomly arranged and gilded on to aluminium panels.
The appearances of the artworks seemingly in a state of flux evoke abstract landscapes undergoing a chemical patination.






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