Maxwell’s diverse body of work represents a microcosm of collective memory, visually encapsulating a broad range of cultural, literary, and philosophical allusions—from catholocism, Anglo-saxon mythology, Marvel iconography and Arvo Pärt’s orchestral soundscapes to the poetry of Seamus Heaney and writing of David Bowie.

Maxwell’s artworks include paintings consisting of metal leaf gilded on to aluminium panels. Oil paint and chemicals such as copper sulphate are applied to the surfaces to create unusual and evolving abstract landscapes.

The Futility of War Triptych

A large triptych on aluminium panels where landscapes from World War I are combined with images of war-torn Syria, The artwork invites the viewer  to reflect on history, and the consequences of human-induced destruction. Exuding out of the panels are rusty pieces of metal swarf, which attempt to bring the smells and textures of the scenes depicted closer to the viewer.

Each panel is 120cm x 120cm

Prologue - dance performance

Maxwell choreographed his second dance performance for the opening night of his private view for his solo show Protean at No20arts Gallery.

Dancers Lesya Tym,  Julia Sparkle and Flor Riverti were covered in plaster of Paris prior to the beginning of the performance.  As the plaster hardened the dancers began to move with the plaster slowly cracking and falling from their bodies. The music for Prologue, written by Maxwell was performed by Martha Mc Bean (cello), Willard Zhang (violin), and Jason Tebble (bass).

Solitude I & II (mixed media on board) each 180cm x 100cm

Amazing Things for You

Maxwell is a multidisciplinary artist. His art practice includes paintings, sculpture, film making, video installations and music.

His artworks are in collections around the world, including Barclays Wealth, Daiwa Capital Markets, Stemcore, & Virgin Atlantic.