Maxwell is a multidisciplinary artist, with filmmaking, video installation and painting being the main disciplines of his practice. Initially working as a visual arts assistant to Brian Eno on a series of projects relating to set and lighting designs for performances entitled ‘Opal Evenings’ including one at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. He has have worked at the Place Theatre creating dance films with dancers (Innercordance dance company).

In 2011 he released his debut short Naturaleza Muerta (Still Life). It told the story of Ralph Fox, a writer that went to fight in the Spanish Civil War against Franco’s regime. It was filmed in Spain and was inspired visually by the style of filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky and by the writings of Laurie Lee and George Orwell. He spent several months researching the material for the film, from the right costumes, to the authentic rifles being used in 1936, even down to how a soldier was trained to start a fire without the use of matches. Naturaleza Muerta has several innovative timelapse sequences. The film was selected for various film festivals including Cannes, Paris, Rio De Janeiro and Los Angeles.

In 2014 his short film Electra, was shortlisted for the Open Prize video competition. This film depicted a crucifix undergoing reverse electroplation. A deceptively serene image revealing microscopic electrical particles (+ ions) slowly being discharged from the crucifix via an electric current.

In 2016, He was asked to make a short film in Spain for the local community. ‘La Bola Magica’, was about a young girl that discovers a magic ball, the film, which has a feel similar to Lamorisse’s Red balloon, had dozens of local residents taking part, from the shopkeepers to the local school children. It was the first film ever made in the village of Oria, and a packed came to watch its premiere.

In 2017, he was commissioned to write and direct a short 30 min film about boy soldiers of the Great War for the Museum of London. Titled ‘Voices from the Great War’ and produced by Three Legged Company, the story of 3 young boy soldiers from the borough of Islington became the core of this art docu-drama.

Between 2015 – 2019 Maxwell directed various music videos for music collective Languor.


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Demolition of a wall

Maxwell was inspired by Lumiere’s ‘Démolition d’un mur‘, and created this short
green screen based production which allowed the director to superimpose himself
into the original film.